Get Crafty This Holiday Season With Nestle!

During the holidays we do a lot of fun things, everything from baking to making fun Christmas themed crafts. We've been having fun getting a little "crafty" with our Elf on The Shelf...check out some of the "crafts" she's been doing while the kids sleep! While these aren't necessarily hands on for my kids, we are looking forward to getting crafty together as a family these next few weeks until Read More »»

Delicious Chocolate Quick Bread Recipe From Nestle

There are very few foods that make me as happy as chocolate, yes I am a chocolate kind of girl. Check out this delicious chocolate quick bread from Nestle and impress your guests with a tasty treat.  Perfect for pairing with coffee. Delicious Chocolate Quick Bread From Nestle A tasty quick bread to enjoy with friends and family over coffee 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1/2 cup NESTLÉ® Read More »»

Hot Pockets Make A Yummy Snack #HotPocketSnacks #CBias

When it comes to snacking before dinner, after school, or after a sports game I want something for my kids (and husband) that will fill their belly. Sure it's easy to let them grab a bag of chips but that's not something I want them to be eating all the time, not to mention 5 minutes later they will say they are hungry again. I want something for them that has a little more sustenance. So I head Read More »»

Boost Kid Essentials and $50 Rewards Card Giveaway (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing with you some of the families featured on Boost Kid Essentials facebook page. They have had some very inspirational stories to share about how Boost Kid Essentials has had an affect in their life. This week I am featuring the last family, The McCoy family. Having had their daughter, Megan, diagnosed with cancer they weren't sure what was going to Read More »»

Boost Kid Essentials Review

Busy is an understatement in our household. We are constantly on the go. With soccer practice, dance practice, youth group, church and whatever else happens to fall in our laps, there are days we may not have time for that sit down snack. We need something easy to take with us, something on the go and healthy. Also tasty, tasty is important for my kids. Healthy is important to me. In my kids mind Read More »»

Happy New School Year w/ Nestle Family. My Resolution.

We have been in school for almost a month now! After the long summer I know I was sure ready for it, minus the having to get the kids up so early. I think deep down my kids were ready for it too despite their "I don't wanna go back to school". We all know deep down they love it....right?! With back to school comes homework, reading, sports and all the other things I as the mom, get to juggle. Read More »»