Enjoy Authentic Thai Food at Thailand’s Best In Navarre, Florida

  Thailand's Best One of my favorite local places to enjoy a lunch alone or with family and friends is Thailand's Best. It's a small family-owned restaurant right in the heart of Navarre, Florida. I love sharing places to check out here on my Florida Gulf Coast, especially places that are usually just known to locals. Before heading to Thailand's Best I headed over to to Read More »»

5 Things I Love…Well, A Few More Than 5! #DunkinMugUp

This month for Dunkin Donuts Mug-Up contest they want to hear all about what you love, so the task to complete was sharing 5 things you love. Afterall, this is the month of love.  I, however, could list in an instant a thousand things I I went a little over the five...though I'll spare you (and my fingers) listing 1000. So, here are the 5...well 8, things I love...I'll do more posts Read More »»

The Slippery Mermaid Review #GulfCoast #Food

Sushi is one of my favorite foods and there is a little restaurant here in Navarre that has some of the best sushi rolls I've had in a long time. The restaurant is called The Slippery Mermaid and ranks high on my must visit list if you ever head this way. Their menu boasts "Off The Chain Chef Rolls", Extra Ordinary Rolls, Signature Rolls, Spicy Roll Collection, Local Favorites, Sashimi, Nigiri, Read More »»

Coastal Life: Thai Hut 2 Review

It's time for another post in my Coastal Life series here on A Daily Dose. Covering all things Coastal Living (and maybe sometimes a little beyond). I love to go out to eat and socialize. There is just something about a great meal with great family and friends that makes me happy. Read More »»

Coastal Life: Bloggers Go Coastal With Brandcation On Pensacola Beach, Florida

I have to say I am one lucky gal living a few minutes from the worlds whitest beaches. If you are a blogger, you are in luck, May 4-6, 2012 you too can enjoy the sun and sand that yours truly here experiences about 75% of the year. When I say the beaches, where I am lucky to reside, help you escape I truly mean that. Trisha and Lynsey, have been putting together Brandcation:Bloggers Go Coastal Read More »»

Coastal Life With A Daily Dose of Toni

Welcome to a new series here on A daily Dose of Toni called Coastal Life.  I grew up living in the sunny throws of Pensacola Beach, I was luck to live right in the heart of the Gulf Coast where we have the world's whitest beaches.  There are so many things I love about where I live which made me come up with the idea of a Coastal Life series. The name might make you think it's going to be solely Read More »»