Take Maleficent Home With You With The New Maleficent Product Line #MaleficentEvent

**This was part of my press trip to LA.  Most expenses were covered, but all opinions are my own** As part of my Maleficent adventure in LA I had the chance to visit Disney's Glendale Creative Campus and part of that is Disney Consumer Products.  What does this mean?  It means my inner Disney addict was screaming and whooping it up, because I was going to get to see of the new Maleficent Read More »»

Sam Riley Talks Working With Angelina Jolie, on Disney’s Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

It's always such a fun time to sit down and chat with the stars of a really amazing movie and sitting down with the cast of Maleficent was no different. So far I've shared my Angelina, Sharlto, Elle, and Robert interviews. Today, I am sharing with you, the final interview from the #MaleficentEvent press junket. Sam Riley, plays Maleficent's right hand man...or raven rather in the movie. Of Read More »»

Maleficent Review: A Twist To A Classic Disney Tale…Did It Work? #MaleficentEvent

  **THERE MAY BE SPOILERS, THIS IS YOUR WARNING** Today is the day you can head to theaters and see Maleficent for yourself.  Today, is also the day I have been waiting for because I can finally share my thoughts on the movie, which I saw last week at the press junket!  I will start by saying....GO SEE IT!  Don't wait, it's that good! This story, is not like Sleeping Beauty, while it Read More »»

Robert Stromberg Unleashes His Magic As Director of Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

We see the finished product, when we head to theaters and see a movie.  What we don't see is all the work that is goes into that movie. The hours and hours of stunts, takes & re-takes, editing, but all that wouldn't be possible without an amazing director.  That is just what Robert Stromberg is.  Maleficent was his directorial debut and what a debut to have!  He was such a down to earth person Read More »»

Shartlo Copley Takes On The Role of King Stefan In Disney’s Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

It's not one finds themselves in the physical presence of a King, but because that's what Sharlto Copley plays in Disney's Maleficent, I can say I have...right??  As part of the continued coverage of Maleficent, today I get to bring you a few tidbits from my interview with Sharlto Copley, who plays King Stefan in Maleficent.  I have always been a huge SC fan, his on screen antics have always made Read More »»

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Maleficent, Motherhood, and More! #MaleficentEvent

It's not often one gets to sit down with an actress like Angelina Jolie, and find out so much about her as an actor, as a mother, and see the person behind the face we see on the big screen.  However, that's just what I did on May 20!  I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Angelina Jolie about her role as Maleficent, how her kids helped her find her "voice" for the role, and so much Read More »»