The Penniless Princess DVD Review #Movies

We recently received the newest addition to the Veggie Tales family, The Penniless Princess. Hitting shelves August 2012 this is definitely a video that is great for teaching kids self worth.  I took it to use for Sunday School and the kids all watched happily.  The lesson they learned is one we all need to hold onto, even as adults. When I was young I loved the book, The Little Princess. The Read More »»

Deep Thoughts From Moi

Making fun of someone you don't like would be considered doing the same thing as them when they make fun of others.   Read More »»

This Is Who I Am…Things I Have Learned

 Those are just some of the parts who make me who I am. Read More »»

Family Movie Night Preimere: Truth Be Told

Coming this Saturday (4/16/2011) on Fox at 8:00 p.m. (eastern time) is the newest Walmart and P&G family movie night. The movie, Truth Be Told, is one I think all families could sit and watch together. As part of a campaign with Mom Central I had the chance to screen this movie before it's public release. I have to say it is definitely one my family and I will be sitting down to watch this Read More »»

Blogtiquette Lesson: Thou Shalt Grow UP

Hey everyone, it's yours truly Teacher Toni, with this installment of your Blogtiquette Lesson. All in good fun of course, I get bored easily so I thought it's time for a life blog lesson. Growing up is hard to do but sometimes when that man or woman reaches late 20's early 30's I feel like some revert back to childhood and brattiness so let's not. Let's all grow up and BE NICE quit making fun Read More »»