Breast Cancer Brings Us Closer…A Moment With My Sister !

 Back in 2008 my mom, who has been my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. A month later it was my aunt who was diagnosed. It's such a shock when you hear the word cancer for anyone but it hits you really hard when it's to people you are very close to.I remember hearing the words "I have cancer" come out of my moms mouth and dropping to the floor. What would this mean, what would happen? Read More »»

Spring Picnic With KFC! $50 Gift Card Giveaway *10 Winners* (WINNERS ANNOUCED)

Spring is in the air, or if you live where I live we went straight from summer back to spring. The weather here in Florida has been abnormally warm this winter. However for those that didn't have such a warm winter rest assured those comfortable days of tank tops and flips flops are coming. With spring comes a breath of fresh air and one of the things our family likes to do is picnic in the Read More »»

My Time Spent At The KFC Homefront #KFCFresh

What could have yours truly here frowning in this post while on a trip to the KFC Headquarters? No it wasn't the fact I was disappointed with anything I learned while at KFC. Wondering what could have made me throw my head back in maniacal laughter! Read More »»