McFarland, USA Now On DVD + Tamale Recipe

McFarland, USA is now available to own on Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack, Disney Movies Anywhere and Digital HD! Back in February I had the chance to screen McFarland, USA before anyone else and I fell in love with the movie. You can read my full review here. To sum it up, the movie really teaches that one should not give up on their dreams no matter what they are facing. Life isn't going to always be Read More »»

McFarland, USA Movie Review: Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

It's easy for kids to think their dreams are just that....dreams.  Which is why I want to encourage every single person to go see McFarland, USA starring Kevin Costner.  I had the chance to see this movie back in November when I headed to LA for a premiere.  I had never heard of it before, but I haven't forgotten it since.  In fact, I have talked to my kids about the movie and how it will show Read More »»