Taking A Break With Caza Trail & Grove Square Coffee {Review & Giveaway} #MC #sponsored

There are very few things better than starting my morning with a warm cup of coffee with my favorite creamer, a cappuccino, or hot cocoa.  While Florida is not known for it's cold days, we have had some doozies (for us) lately.  When I wake up and it's 37 degrees outside, the first thing I want is a hot cup of coffee, cappuccino, or cocoa.  When I was asked to be a part of a campaign that would Read More »»

Keurig Office Pro, The Easy Way To Start My Day!

My husband works outside the home and a few years ago I used to work outside of the home too.  One of my favorite things about when I worked outside of the home was the coffee that was ready made.  All I had to do was grab a cup, pour and voila.  My pick me up was in my hand in an instant.  Until recently, the only way for me to get coffee in an instant was to have the cartons of iced coffee Read More »»