Samsung Galaxy S III VS. iPhone #VZWA #Samp

Today it's all about the Samsung Galaxy S III  vs. iPhone. It's becoming one of the biggest debates in technology, which is the better phone?  So today I am going to share some info on the tech specs on both the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S III boasts an 8 MP rear facing camera and 1.9 MP front facing camera.  My iPhone camera specs are 8 MP rear-facing but only 1.2 MP Read More »»

EEEKS! #Technology #iPhone

This is usually my Christmas gift to myself each year (one year I get to use my upgrade and the next hubby's LOL). This year Christmas came a little early thanks to some financial blessings God has sent my way through my blog. Who else is getting the iPhone 5? Read More »»

What Music Do I Listen To?

What music do I not listen to would be an easier question to answer? I listen to christian/inspirational daily because it really just always encourages my heart. I am constantly dancing around to some awesome hair bands and bubblegum pop. I have a secret love for may have seen me bust out "Jump, Jump" on video before or make my own rap lyrics LOL. Music is a big part of my life so I'll Read More »»

Oh Amazon How I Love You, Episode 1

It's no secret I love Amazon!  Just a few short months ago I became a prime member and have fallen even more in love with the site that has sucked me in.  If there is something you want you can usually find it over there.  Food...check. Makeup...check.  Books....check. Kitchen stuff....check.  You get my drift.  I would be surprised if you could not find what you are looking for or at the very Read More »»

SoundHound Makes My Music Day

It's no secret I LOVE my iPhone 4s. I use it for all sorts of things like email, web surfing, phone calls and texts. I also have WAY too many items on my phone as in 1029 photos, 1717 songs, 97 videos, and 196 apps (not counting the ones I deleted that aren't synced). As I said, I love my iPhone it really is attached to me most times through the day. And yes, in case you are wondering, I did go Read More »»

Gaiam TV Review. Keeping Fit From The Comfort of Your Home.

I am not sure about you but sometimes joining a gym isn't the most cost effective way to stay in shape. Gym memberships can cost a pretty penny and it's not always comfortable working out in front of complete strangers. Unfortunately working out is a must if you want to stay in shape, or at least it is becoming that way for me. Long gone are my days of eating whatever I want and exercising very Read More »»