Truffol iPhone 5 Case Review

This post has been brought to you by... My iPhone 5 is like an extra child. I like to protect it, accessorize it and just have fun with it. It goes with me everywhere I go and if I ever notice it's missing I almost go into a state of panic (okay so almost is a little fib, I totally go into a state of panic). Being that I love the extra appendage, otherwise known as my iPhone 5, I want to make Read More »»

The Day I Left My Phone Behind #PureGear

I full admit to being crazy somewhat addicted to my iPhone 5.  When I don't have it with me, it's almost as if a body part is missing.  Yes, I know I know, that's not necessarily a good thing.  However, due to this work at home career called social media, my iPhone 5 plays a big part in my life.  Okay, maybe the fact I like to play games on it, has a little something to do with why I love it so Read More »»