So Much To Do On Skype, So Little Time

Last month I announced that I have the privilege of being a Skype Ambassador. I use Skype to IM with friends, voice chat while online but most recently I have enjoyed the benefits of another one of Skype's video chat. Whether I need to have a conference call with several PR I am working with or just want to connect with other family members video chat is a great way to have a Read More »»

Excited To Announce I’m A Skype Ambassador

I have a little secret weapon that keeps me connected and it's known as... I am excited to announce to you today that for the next few months I will be one of the Skype ambassadors.  Skype plays a big part in my online (and offline) life.  I have family and friends all over the country and what a fun way it is to stay connected in an instant.  When I am online, sure, I could use the phone but Read More »»