2008: Evolution of A Daily Dose Part 2

Happy New Years to all my awesome Daily Dosers! We are now going to visit the second half of 2008 and watch A Daily Dose evolve from sucktastic blogger to hotter than hot chatter box LOL.  I figured I needed to toot my own horn at the beginning of 2009.  So here we go, July to December.   July Who Wins Blog Dummy of The Year Award ~ Yep I am still the dummy behind the blog ahh Read More »»

Getting to Know the Face behind A Daily Dose..ME!

I answered these questions a few months ago while I was still on my previous blog but they are still sitting in my drafts, so I thought " I have readers that never saw this "interview" so I am going to post the Q&A on my blog" I apologize I don't have who sent me which question anymore or I would link to you but here you go a little interview to get to know the Face behind A Daily Dose. This Read More »»

Nutrition Facts on packages confuse me..

I was getting ready to pop some pop corn, Pop Secret to be precise, and I decided to look at the nutrition facts well it has 2 different colums. One for 1 cups (a serving size) of popped popcorn and the other for 2 tbsp (a serving size) of..... UNPOPPED POPCORN! Now that brings me to wonder, who in the world just opens a bag of seeds in condensed butter and decides "hmm this looks great I think Read More »»