It’s Getting Hot In Here, But I’m NOT Taking Off My Clothes

So today's talking with Toni is all about being Hot! Just in case you hadn't heard, it's HOT to be Hot! Hotness comes in all different ways. Now find out what "hotness" is happening around here! I just had to make a little video announcement for those who missed my other post since it was over the weekend and because I know you all love my little random vlogs. But alas my readers today is Read More »»

THIS IS WHY I’M HOT…I am Miss February

I waited and waited, biting my nails in fear that all my rapping, dancing and pimping...err cheering myself on would be for nothing. The time came and passed for the announcement of who would be Miss January, February and Mr. January, February for 2011's Hot Blogger Calendar. What are they doing, trying to torture me? I sit and wait and wait and wait and wait and...well you get my drift and Read More »»


I was nominated for January/February for Hot Blogger Calendar...and I didn't even nominate myself (hooray LOL). I headed over there on Monday when I saw a tweet to go cast my vote and low and behold there was my name. Of course I gave myself my vote and now you come in. I would love for you all to head over and Vote, Vote, Vote for Me (Toni, just in case you forgot my name). Okay so this isn't Read More »»