#HomeHer10 Post Link UP

As much as I wish I could take credit for it, I didn't come up with #HomeHer10 (that honor goes to Backpacking Dad) but I want to read all the posts of everyone participating so I am starting this linky. If you are attending #HomeHer10 and posting about it link your posts here (in the linky below)so we can all read your take on it. *Don't forget to thank all those Reverse Sponsors (own created Read More »»

#HomeHer10 I Have Not Laughed This Hard In A Long Time

Yes that is the official logo for #HomeHer10 (or official for me since I OFFICIALLY made it myself LOL). If you are an attendee feel free to grab it!  I can see the big question marks over your head as you are reading.  I know I know you are thinking what in the world is #HomeHer10 .  It's sheer genius that is what it is.  Read all about it over at Backpacking Dad's place in "So What The Hell Read More »»