Exercise Isn’t Just For Us Humans, Dogs Need It Too #GreatDog

Can you get any cuter than those two faces right there when it comes to fur babies?  I venture to say no.  A few years ago we decided we wanted to adopt a dog from a local shelter and that's when we came across Dexter.  The cutest yorkie you will ever come across and with the sweetest personality you could ask for.  He was our sole fur baby for about a year.  We moved to Florida and a friends dog Read More »»

Meet The Fur Babies

We have two dogs and they have been showcased a handful of times here on the blog, but they demanded more facetime!  So, here are my fur babies in all their cuteness.  Meet (or re-meet) Dexter...the yorkie and Guido...the chi mix. I can't stand it.  Aren't they the cutest little doggies you have ever seen??!!! Read More »»

Cesar Cookie Crunchies Treats For Dogs To Make Their Day

Growing up I always wanted a dog but it just never happened until later in life.  About 3 years ago, we welcomed Dexter into our life.  We found him at an adoption shelter and he was just the perfect fit for our family.  Then December 2010 Guido entered into the picture in all his tiny glory.   Our little fur babies are such a big part of our family we would not be complete without them.  I mean Read More »»