YouTube Finds: Is Math Really That Difficult?

I love YouTube. I am always finding videos that make me laugh, cry, sing so I figured why not share some of my favorite YouTube finds with you from time to time. I came across this video this morning and got so close to peeing my pants. I couldn't not laugh at this and kind of felt bad I was laughing at her expense....kind of. Check out the world's easiest hardest math problem... On another Read More »»

Why Google + Hasn’t Won Me Over Yet!

It's all the rage, the newest thing in social media and I have to admit my curiosity peaked so I headed in to the invite only Google + to see what the hooplah was about.  While I think it's cool and all I can't say I am going to drop facebook just yet or maybe ever. I have seen blog posts and tweets from people give the following reasons of preferring the + to facebook: I get all my Read More »»