Cast Iron Cooking: Big Skillet Cookie

It's been quite a little while since I have done a "Cooking With Toni" post.   And what better way to get back into the swing of things than with something super delish, a treat for yourself.  It may not be the healthiest eating recipe but it sure is good and a treat here and there isn't going to kill you. I mentioned a few days ago my new found love for cast iron skillets, still can't believe I Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

I haven't share recipes in a few weeks so I thought this morning I would share a mushroom appetizer I love.  Whenever I go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden I ALWAYS get the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer.  So delicious!  Well I wanted to be able to make some mushroom appetizers at home so I started looking through my cookbooks a while back and found some that I loved in The Taste of Home Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Pear Oven Pancakes and Eggnog-Spiced French Toast

Well hello all, I hope you all are ready for Christmas.  Can you believe it's next Friday???  This year has flown by.  As you may (or may not) remember I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Nestle Family Event back in October.  The event was amazing and I loved getting to work with the company I had loved for all my 30 years.  While there they gave us lots of recipes to make in our homes and Read More »»

Cooking With Toni: Avocado Salad

How you like my new little theme.  Cooking with Toni!  I figured I will start sharing things I love with you, talking about cooking wise.  You always get things I love here on A Daily Dose, along with things I don't occasionally.  Today I made a yumalicious salad that a lady I worked with gave me.  There is no simpler, easier lunch and/or snack recipe.  Here is the recipe: 1/2 Avocado, Read More »»