7 Summer Safety Tips Every Parent Needs To Know #SummerSafety #Ad @AflacDuck

We love getting outdoors during summer for family fun and of course we have sports outdoors. Here in Florida, we've had some very high heat indexes which means we need to take extra care to be safe in the summer. Not only with the heat, but in water play, insect bites, and protecting ourselves from accidents as best we can. It can go without saying that there will be at least one day that injury Read More »»

Creme Brulee French Toast #QuickFixCasseroles

We have quite a lot of busy nights AND busy Saturday mornings. All of my kids are in sports during this time of the year, which means we have 5 nights of practices and game days on Saturday. Some nights and mornings I just don't have time to stand over the stove and cook a meal, which is why I fall back on casseroles quite often. The perfect quick and easy meal. Today I want to share with you one Read More »»

Don’t Forget Their Eyes! #SeeMuchMore #Ad

I had to wear glasses when I was growing up, and while my vision seemed to better itself as I aged, I do still have to wear glasses for reading and being on the computer for long periods of time.  Having grown up knowing the importance of eye care I knew it was something I would definitely do my best to stay on top of when I had kids of my own.  As a parent it's easy to remember to take them to Read More »»

What Are Your Blissful Moments? #BLISSandTell #CGC #Ad

Downtime, relaxation, no stress, quiet, those are just a few of the words I could use when describing some of my most Blissful moments.  As a parent and someones who is working at home, I do not lack for stressful moments.  I love being a parent and I love what I do, but I would be lying if I said everyday was easy.  Lucky for me, I have moments of Bliss to look forward too. Enjoying good food, Read More »»

Giant Flavor With Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips

I like to snack, though I keep it in moderation, so when I snack I want something tasty that will curb whatever craving I am having. Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips have been answering the call the last week. I received two flavors of the Green Giant™ Veggie Snack Chips to try...Green Giant™ Multigrain Sweet Potato Chip in BBQ and Veggie Tortilla Chips in Garden Ranch! The Veggie Tortilla in Read More »»

My Kia, My Summer: The Perfect Summer Playlist

A few months ago I had the chance to check out a Kia Rio and Kia Optima and fell in love with both.  They are definitely cars that have been added to my consider this for my kids when they start driving (the rio because it's a bit small for my family of five) or for myself (the Optima because it fit us all comfortably) list.  I loved the Kia's I had a chance to drive for a few weeks, definitely Read More »»