Throwing Our Hands Up in Surrender So God Can Move

Do you ever have days, weeks, months or even a year where things just don't go according to plan? Yeah, that about sums up my 2016. To be honest, I wanted to give up plenty of times this past year. 2016 was a doozy. My work slowed, we had hospitalizations, scary situations; the list could go on and on. It seemed it was the year of "Let's see how much Toni can take before she crumbles."  Most of Read More »»

Free Bible Study Printable For Adults and Kids

It's so important for me to spend time in God's word. I used to use a notebook, but I am a visual person, and I admit I like to have something pretty to write on, so I decided to create this free Bible study printable to use during my prayer time. I couldn't decide if I should make the Bible study simple (black and white) or add some color to it. Then I thought I'll keep it simple for printing Read More »»

What Good Is It To Worry, Just Give It To God…And Be Carefree

How carefree is my daughter in the photo above? Not one single worry is on her mind, in fact, that's how it is most days for her. I should take a cue from her and quit worrying about things and life, in general. It doesn't do anything for me that's beneficial, in fact, worry can do more damage to us than we know, it can put a kink in our relationship with God.(p.s. this post may contain affiliate Read More »»

Inspire Bible (NLT) Review: Bring The Word To Life

I love all the Bible journaling or illustrated faith photos I see on Instagram. What I love about illustrated faith (or bible journaling) is the fact that it brings the word to life in a new way. If you haven't ever searched #IllustratedFaith or #BibleJournaling on Instagram, you should do it! There are so many talented people out there! I am not one of those artistically talented people; Read More »»

Dare To Believe! #Faith

I'm reading Beth Moore's Believing God and this was one of the things she said in the chapter I am reading today. It just really hit home and reminded me that, no's from God are okay. I may not understand it, but as long as I am trusting Him to bring into and take out of my life what he wants, then the Nos I pray for Him to say (and the yes') are okay. I just thought this was a good reminder. I Read More »»

Forgiveness: It’s Not for Them, It’s for You!

People hurt us, whether they hurt us intentionally or unintentionally, it's a fact in our lives we will be hurt. Last year I was very hurt by people I considered friends, and it made me very angry and bitter. I was watching War Room, yesterday, and while I thought I had moved past the hurts caused by those people, I realized I hadn't. Deep down I hadn't completely forgiven the people because Read More »»