Pray For Your Husband, Why It’s Important To Keep Him Under God’s Covering

When God gave me my husband, he truly gave me a blessing beyond more than I would ever have thought to ask for. It's funny how God knows what's best for us, even when we don't. Because I treasure this amazing man I have, I want to make sure to keep him covered in prayer and truthfully prayer is something that is lacking in so many marriages. In fact, let's just get real for a minute before I Read More »»

It’s Time to Be Like Onesiphorus, Let’s Refresh Others!

You might be asking who in the world is Onesiphorus, and you are not alone. Onesiphorus is one of the people you will meet if you read the Bible, but unless you take the time to read Paul’s entire story you may miss this person who we can learn from. Who is Onesiphorus??   Onesiphorus met Paul when he (Paul) went to prison and subsequently became a friend to him. In 2 Timothy 1: 16 Paul Read More »»

All Sons & Daughters LIVE CD+DVD Deluxe Edition Giveaway- 2 Winners

All Sons & Daughters, the worship duo composed of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, continue to inspire audiences with their acoustic, folk aesthetic and lyrics that focus squarely on Jesus while embracing the tension of the Christian walk. The Franklin, Tennessee-based worshipers will take their songs on the road beginning March 4, inviting listeners to join them and guest speaker Jamie George Read More »»

Sometime I Just Have to Cry Out To Jesus

Sometimes it's all I have in me just to cry out to Jesus.  Do you ever get that way?  You get so sick of what is surrounding you, so sick of stress, tears, anger, hurt, sadness, pain?  I know I do and when I get that way I simply fall to my knees and cry out to Jesus.  It's not some big epiphany just something that brings me peace amid the chaos. Let's me know that despite what others say and Read More »»