Fall Fashion Is In The Air

It's time for the fall looks to start coming out. For me, that means getting rid of the blonde mane and bringing on the chocolate brown natural color. Along with the dark hair for fall it's fun to update the wardrobe and change out the tank tops for fun jackets. Here are a few looks I would love to have this fall (well if the dress didn't cost over $700 anyways). Fun Fall Looks by tonipatton Read More »»

Fashion Talk: A Simple Elegance

I love to dress up and I love color but sometimes keeping it simple is all you need to do.   Simple Elegance by tonipatton featuring peep toe pumps Halter dress £145 - Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps $945 - Talbot Runhof silver clutch €398 - Engagement ring Wallis silver Read More »»

My birthday is in 10 (+ a few hours) Days….

and if you wish to know what I would like.... Source: via Toni on Pinterest It's the little things in life I love. Just Sayin' Read More »»

THIS IS WHY I’M HOT…I am Miss February

I waited and waited, biting my nails in fear that all my rapping, dancing and pimping...err cheering myself on would be for nothing. The time came and passed for the announcement of who would be Miss January, February and Mr. January, February for 2011's Hot Blogger Calendar. What are they doing, trying to torture me? I sit and wait and wait and wait and wait and...well you get my drift and Read More »»