Getting to know my family: Bella’s episode

For this installment of getting to know my family I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Isabella (Bella). I thought I would tell you her birth story, after all she did make the newspaper over it, yep she was famous from the minute she was born! Before I start though here are just a few pictures spread out over the years from birth through Christmas 2006. Now let's get to know Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

My cousin Crystal and I having Summer & Childhood fun. NOthing like a good swing to make you feel like a kid and that you can escape your worries even if just for a moment. Link up your Wordless Wednesday posts below Read More »»

YourSphere: Creating The Profile

As you know from my previous posts I am one of the test drive moms for Yoursphere, a kids social networking site.  My kids obviously are being brought up around social media so it's only normal they are curious.  With YourSphere they can have their own network of friends.  Before I get started into building a profile for or with your child if you want to get your child signed up head on over Read More »»

Toni’s Tidbits: I Don’t Even Know What to Say

If any of you are on my facebook then I am sure you know what this post is all about however if you are not please watch the video (Tuesday's Tidbits) and you will understand. Well even if you know what's going on still watch it. I apologize for the crying...yes I cried, but I am a very emotional person. Please read the rest of the post after the video for more information as well. The Read More »»

Being a Mommy…

Being a mommy means:~ Tears of joy when seeing that new face for the first time.~ Tears of sympathy when your child is hurt.~ Laughter from all the memories of tickle laughs, funny sayings and goofy faces.~ Hope that their future will be brighter than yours.~ A life so full of love, a depth of love you never dreamed possible.~ Frustration when they don't heed the advice you give which is meant to Read More »»

Scrapbook Saturday