Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Hi All! It's been a minute since I last posted here (okay over a year, to be exact) so I thought it time to reintroduce myself. I went back and forth on whether I should say simply say introduce or add the RE before. It honestly feels like I am starting all over again, so I kind of think of it as an introduction. At the same time, my site remained (with all the original content, no matter how Read More »»

Potty Training Must Haves + What Is The Right Time to Potty Train?

For me as long as they are not school aged (now this does not apply if there are any mental or physical setbacks that prevent them from potty training) I say there is no "right" time. It annoys me to no end when the parent that had their child potty trained at eighteen months looks down on you because your child is not potty trained at the same age. My little girl will be 3 in June, and while Read More »»

My Daughter Made Me Smile And It All Started With A Rainbow

Last week I was in the morning rush of getting kids out the door. I was frantic and frenzied as I am most mornings trying to rush the kiddos out the door. As we jumped in our van and pulled out of our driveway my daughter exclaims "MOM, IT'S A RAINBOW, A REAL LIVE RAINBOW". I pause for a moment and say to her "Have you never seen a rainbow before?" and she responds with "Well only those in stories Read More »»

Protecting Your Kids With Baby Swimwear

I love living at the coast with my kids - a trip to the beach is a whole day of free family fun as well as great exercise. I wanted my children to take full advantage of coastal living, so I made sure to teach them how to swim from an early age. However, teaching babies to swim is a nerve-racking experience. Thankfully there is a wide range of baby swimwear to make it a safer and easier experience Read More »»

Wordless (or Not) Wednesday: First Tooth Lost

The baby girl finally lost her first tooth.  She is rounding the bend to her 7th birthday (in June) and she has been aching to lose a tooth and finally she did.  She was thrilled and the tooth fairy visited so it was like icing on the cake! Read More »»

RSV Is A Scary And Serious Issue, What You Need To Know

That's my little princess when she was just a tiny baby. She wasn't my first (well she was my first and only girl) but that didn't mean my concerns were any less. Was I doing everything right? What should I be doing different? What if she gets sick? One of the big concerns I think I had (and a lot of other parents have) was RSV. RSV is one of the biggest threats to new babies and it's a very Read More »»