Frankenweenie Coming October 5, Definitely True Tim Burton Style

During my trip to California for the Brave/Cars Land Event, I had a chance to preview clips from Tim Burton's and Disneys upcoming Frankenweenie.  I have to say from the moment it started this movie screamed Tim Burton.  If you've seen any Tim Burton movies you know the style, a bit dark but always intriguing and entertaining.  Frankenweenie is just that.  Definitely brings in the weird factor, Read More »»

Quotable Sunday 4/5/09

Welcome To Quotable Sunday. A Day to share with the blog world the quote or quotes you love. It can be anything from movie quotes to song lyrics, bible verses to quotes on a certain subject. I am so glad that we started doing this because I love going around to read the other quotes throughout the day. Now before I get to my quotes the "rules" for any newbies we might have:~Post a new post on Read More »»