House Leaks, Spelling Bees, & A Sports Mom…Oh MY! #ThisIsMyLIfe

It's been a lot of campaigns here on A Daily Dose of Toni lately, and I am very blessed to have had them, I have many more to come, but I feel like I haven't been able to share the recent happenings in our lives lately.  Some good, some scary, some frustrating, so today I just wanted to share some updates with you all on the happenings in the Patton household.  The hubs and I will go on our first Read More »»

Get Funky For A Cause #Fashion

We are gearing up for Breast Cancer Awareness month and you know it holds a place very dear in my heart.  Both my mom and aunt were diagnosed within weeks of each other a few years ago.  I've had two scares myself.  It's something that affects so many and I really love to make sure I do my part to help raise awareness (not just for it but other diseases as well). Today I wanted to share with you Read More »»

Going Pink Together 2010 *Giveaway* {CLOSED}

Wouldn't that be wonderful? If I could make a wish and have it come true it would be that every person in the world be healthy, I know that would put some doctors out of a job but for this I would be selfish.  I would love to see no more diseases.  October is breast cancer awareness months and it is a disease that I have had directly affect my family.  Bot my mom and aunt were diagnosed with Read More »»

Breast Cancer Is Not a Joke: But For Implants I Guess It Can Be!

WOW, I am almost speechless...ALMOST, not completely! I have quite a bit I would love to say to Trista Joy Lathern who faked breast cancer  and got implants out of it.   Excuse my bluntness, because this is a subject that is very dear to my heart,  but What the HELL!! According to this post on MSNBC, it all started with her wanting to "save" her marriage.  Her and her husband had been having Read More »»

Let’s Go Pink Together: Inspiring Hope (Giveaway)

I am sure many of you who are readers of my blog, remember the many posts about my mother through the past year after she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Ever since that moment I crashed to the floor after she told me she had breast cancer (now clean bill of health), I have wanted nothing more than to make sure there is enough awareness to make a difference.  Whether it be through raising Read More »»

Monday Mingle

Hey Hey I am finally joining in with Eighty MPH Mom's Monday Mingle (she has asked me to and I keep promising but I am a schmuck and always forget..sigh). So go forth and Mingle with the others, share your thoughts on the questions over coffee or not whichever you choose just Mingle away. Read More »»