Being Heart Healthy With Cambell’s

Recently my father in law suffered two heart attacks and it has really opened my husband and my eyes. We have really been taking a look at what we need to do to take care of ourselves. It's so easy to not think about what you are putting into your body, and just go about your day. However some of the things you put into your body can affect it negatively later down the road and that is what we Read More »»

Talking With Toni: Vajazzling…A Disco Down Where???

Well now I don't do a lot of va jay jay or hoo hah talk on my blog because how in the world can you go about being classy when blabbing about Va Jay Jay's. Well today I couldn't help but confront the body part that seems to be all the rage and all the sparkles I might add. Today in Talking With Toni I am all about the VAJAZZLING. What is vajazzling you ask? Let's just be blunt here...there Read More »»

No Body Is Perfect: My Struggles With Body Image

When you try to tell a female that a breakup is not her fault, chances are while deep inside she knows that, part of her will always feel the "if only I had done this different" feeling. I was one of those women. Many of you may not know, that before I had the wonderful soulmate I am married to now, I was married before. I was happy, I was in love, I was stupid. I centered my life around Read More »»

What the????? and Thankful Thursday..

Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! So today reality hit me and well bluntly speaking, I am a disgusting piece of poo! I have let my cute little body go from toned and dainty to dun lapped (over my pants) and love handle hell. I have helped it along quite nicely with every little Debbie white cake I have eaten but I did however do that with good intentions, you see I did not want my children eating all the Read More »»