Blogtiquette Lesson 3: Thou Shalt Not be A Coward

Today I am not talking about things you do on your blog or on your twitter but I am talking about: There are two types of anonymous comment people. A) The ones who are pretty much doing it to either enter a contest or who have something worthwhile to say and they just don't have a website but they are a reader of your blog. These people 99% of the time leave their name in with their Read More »»

Who’s going to be on Chicks Who Chat today??

ME!!!! Late notice because well I forgot LOL But at about 5 after 11 a.m. central timezone I will be on Chicks Who Chat with Sugar Jones and Keep It Classy Jen. So head over and listen to them interview me in their Word to Your Mother week. I am so honored to have been chosen to kick off this week with them. Let's hope I don't make a fool of myself....well scratch that we all know I will. So Read More »»

TA DAAAAAAA…..and soon how to get one of your own blogovers…

Before I start to go into freak out mode in a calm sane voice I please ask that if you have my old button you update it with the new cute one over there in my left sidebar.  Thanks....OMG Thank you so very much to Sara again, she was so patient with my concerns and exceeded my expectations. I love new blog designs they make me feel all giddy. Watch for a post soon on how you can enter to win Read More »»

Go listen to me gab…as if you don’t get enough of me here :)

You know you want to hear me gab away, you can't get enough admit it. Be thankful I don't have a webcam or you may never shut me up LOL. We talked all about Pregnancy and Babies today. Yes I am one of "those" girls who loved loved loved being pregnant. I was a bit nervous during the show so pardon me if I sound a bit freaked out, I tried to act natural. So if you missed the show earlier, Read More »»