Black Box Wines, Perfect For Summer Entertaining

I fully admit to being nothing close to a wine connoisseur, but when I was asked to do a little summer entertaining using Black Box wines I thought my wine loving friends and family would enjoy the treat. After a busy July 4th it was nice to have an evening at home with friends and family the Read More »»

Who Is The Steak Master In My House? #SteakOver

As spring approaches it's time to have some family fun and that usually includes quite a bit of grilling. When we moved back to Florida in 2010 we didn't bring our outdoor grill with us. Instead we used out indoor grill. That is up until I found THE BEST way to cook steaks indoor. I headed to Read More »»

The Day I Left My Phone Behind #PureGear

I full admit to being crazy somewhat addicted to my iPhone 5.  When I don't have it with me, it's almost as if a body part is missing.  Yes, I know I know, that's not necessarily a good thing.  However, due to this work at home career called social media, my iPhone 5 plays a big part in my life. Read More »»

Accessorizing Your Home #HavertysHomeFashion

I have always wanted to understand and grasp the better way to "fashion" my home.  Clothes and makeup come to me naturally but ask me to style my home and I am like a deer in headlights. Thankfully Havertys has a solution for my lack of home style...their Home Fashion Workshop.  Saturday I headed to Read More »»

Being Heart Healthy With Cambell’s

Recently my father in law suffered two heart attacks and it has really opened my husband and my eyes. We have really been taking a look at what we need to do to take care of ourselves. It's so easy to not think about what you are putting into your body, and just go about your day. However some of Read More »»

Getting Healthier In 2013 #QuakerPopped

I love to snack, however when I want something sweet or salty it's usually not the healthiest option. For 2013, I wanted to make sure I live a little healthier of a lifestyle. Here are a few of the things I am hoping to do this year to get healthier: Drink more water. Be more active. Get Read More »»

The LEGO® YouTube Channel, Fun & Safe For Kids

Lego's have been around for a long time, since 1932 to be exact when the company was founded. The little plastic connectable bricks that we have come to know and love came along a few years into that foundation but they have definitely made a lasting impression in our house. When I was a kid and now Read More »»

Operation Christmas Child Let’s Me Give Back #OCCGiving

Operation Christmas Child is a great way to give back this holiday season!One of the things I try to teach my kids is giving back and every year at Christmas we try to do a little extra something so that in some way we can help someone who may not be quite as fortunate as us.  This year I am proud Read More »»

Dinner On The Go With Tyson Bread Bowls

I'm no stranger to being rushed.  With a split school schedule, practices galore and little time for me to get the things I need to do one, dinner on the go does happen occasionally.  Thanks to Tyson Mini Stuffed Bread Bowls I don't have to sacrifice taste for a quick dinner.  A typical day for my Read More »»

The Importance Of Dinner As A Family {Parenting} @Carrabbas

Family dinner is sometimes hard to come by in today's society with kids and parents alike being involved in so many activities. I, personally, think family dinner is so important as kids grow and Carrabba's can help. Dinner time is the time of the day we get to reflect on what's happened and just Read More »»

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