Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs

Halloween is right around the corner and while the kids have a lot of fun dressing up, they don't really let me have a say anymore in the costumes they pick.  However, all hope is not lost because I have two fur babies who will let (though they don't really get a say at all) me pick a costume for them each year!  It's so much fun to watch my kids dress up, but I have to admit it might be even more Read More »»

Spoil Your Fur Babies With Purina Snacks During The Holidays!

In our house, we have five kids, three are of the human race and we have two fur babies.  You might have already gotten to know Guido and Dexter through previous posts, but I am a proud doggie mom so I shall continually show them off.  Especially when they make the cutest little Santa Dexter and Guido Claus ever... Could you ever turn those cute little faces away?  While most people think of us Read More »»