Goodnites Bed Mats Wrap Up

About 2 months ago I started an ambassadorship for Goodnites Bed Mats. Up until last night we really haven't had a need for them, which is good of course. Last night the game changed and we had a reason to be thankful. My middle got so sick last night and ended up throwing up in his bed, which would have made the mattress have a not so pleasant odor. Thankfully his Goodnites bed mat was able to Read More »»

GoodNites® Bed Mats, A Few Weeks Later {Review}

A few weeks ago I shared a video review of the GoodNites® Bed Mats I received to review. Having children it's always been a fact, that at some point they will have an accident. I had them myself a few times throughout elementary school. Bed wetting is something that happens. It could be because of too much liquid before bed or maybe the child fell asleep before going to the restroom, in which case Read More »»

Save Mattresses And Embarrassment With GoodNites Bed Mats

As a child grows up, and moves past the stage of potty training, we know that doesn't mean the battle is over.   Some children struggle some with night time bed wetting.   They may not want to revert back to those disposable training pants for these instances.  But, night time bed wetting accidents that leave your mattress needing to be cleaned are inevitable.  It's already such a touchy moment Read More »»