The Best Beach Day Bag Must-Haves

Living five minutes from the beach, it's normal for me to head out to the beach for an hour of relaxing or even a whole day of fun in the sun! Regardless, of whether I am going to be there alone or with family/friends, there are some much-needed necessities that I throw into my beach bag for a seamless day at the beach. So, today, I am dumping out my bag to show you what I like to pack for our Read More »»

Tote In Style With A Beach Bag From Simply-Bags *Review*

It's no secret that I love the beach. Living in Florida, my family spends several days a week there when the warm weather comes in. When I go to the beach, a beach bag of some sort is key. With sunscreen, goggles, towels, a book, snacks, a blanket, iPhone, keys and whatever else is needed for that one day a roomy bag is something that isn't a want it's a necessity. Thanks to Simply-Bags not only Read More »»