Here I Go…Off To My First Day Of College!

Obviously, I've been slacking on my blogging (I have plenty of drafts written, but never sit down to finish them...I must finish the letter to my high school senior before he graduates). I've been busy with life and enjoying my children all summer and that's been so freeing and full of memories. However, now I have another reason that you may not see me around as much as you are used to during Read More »»

Earn Double Box Tops With Everyday Supplies For School and Home

In just a few days we are going to be sending our three children back to the world of middle and high school which means a lot of last-minute scrambling. For some reason, they don't give out some of the kid's schedules until two days before or even the first day of school. Once we get the schedule, we may have some last minute school shopping to do because some of their classes require certain Read More »»

Keep Connected With A College Care Package

It's a big world they head off to when they go to college, why not send them with a care package that can help them adjust to life on their own! I know when I was on my own, I didn't realize how many things my parents bought for me. So it's small things, they may not think of, that will mean the most and help them to remember what to stock up on when they are out. Here are a few things ideas for Read More »»

Go Back To Campus With Schick

Back to school is hard enough for any parent, but especially those who are sending their babies to college. Let me grab a box or bucket of tissues. Simply thinking about that gives me tear-filled moments. I still have a few years before my oldest goes off to college and then a few more years before my last two go, but when they do I want to make sure they have everything they need. Some of that Read More »»

Make Ahead Lunch Idea For Easier Mornings #CapriSunCrew (ad)

Make Ahead Lunch Idea For Back To School Summer has just a little less than a month for us, here in Florida and we've been having a blast. Which means in about two weeks, we will be in back to school shopping/planning mode. One of the things I am preparing for, when it comes to my younger children (my high schooler makes his own lunch so I am in the clear), is the lunches. Especially for my Read More »»

Last Minute Savings On Suave Products at Dollar General

We are just a few days away from school starting, which means lots of back to school shopping not just for supplies for school but definitely beauty school routine supplies! Having 3 kids I want to save wherever I can and thanks to , I can do just that on products that are going to be part of our daily routine! We have enjoyed beach days, Nascar, and pool time during our summer, but with back Read More »»