10 Outrageous Cake Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

I am an over-achiever (at least in my mind), I have grand ideas for what I want to do for my kids parties. The decor, the games, and of course, the cake! I can always picture the cake I want to create and I have these huge plans. In fact, I've done some fun cakes for my mom's birthday! So, I always have these grand ideas of what I want to do for my kids birthdays but usually end up heading to one Read More »»

AliceWinks Review: A New Way To Enjoy Alice In Wonderland

As a child, I adored Alice In Wonderland, it was probably one of my favorite movies to watch. I still think of Soft Batch cookies when I think of Alice and The White Rabbit. My daughter has inherited the love of that movie with me, so there have been numerous times we have sat and watched it together. Recently, we heard about Alicewinks and it is a new way to experience the magic of Alice In Read More »»

Frankenweenie Coming October 5, Definitely True Tim Burton Style

During my trip to California for the Brave/Cars Land Event, I had a chance to preview clips from Tim Burton's and Disneys upcoming Frankenweenie.  I have to say from the moment it started this movie screamed Tim Burton.  If you've seen any Tim Burton movies you know the style, a bit dark but always intriguing and entertaining.  Frankenweenie is just that.  Definitely brings in the weird factor, Read More »»