My Favorite Holiday Mug

During the Christmas season I have one particular coffee mug I prefer to have my hot drinks a out of. This one.... It features Norman Rockwell's "The Toymaker" and I just love having it during Christmas time. Weird, maybe, but if I am at home drinking coffee between thanksgiving and Christmas you can bet it will be out of this mug (unless it is dirty). Something about it just screams "It's Read More »»

Meet ME, The Face Behind The Dose

*Waving crazily*  HI!!! I know you all think you know me but you have no idea....okay so maybe those of you who roomed with me at conferences or hung with me at events have a little idea (possibly a little too much maybe) but I thought I would share some random things about me.  Maybe even some that are not so random.  Heck if you are a good friend of mine you may know all this but because you Read More »»