I Love The 80’s! #Brandcation

It's no secret I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 80's.  I mean I did do this video a few years ago...if that doesn't show my love for the 80's I have no idea what does.  Part of our Brandcation fun included an 80's party that was sponsored by Flashing Blinky Lights.  Seriously, who doesn't want an excuse to get decked out like this: Crimped hair, bright eyeshadows, accessories galore...Yes please!!! We Read More »»

Cabbage Patch Goes Mullet???

Okay this seriously gave me the giggles.  "Santa" brought a Cabbage Patch Pop N Style to my daughter for Christmas and it is absolutely the cutest doll.  What it come with is hair pieces you can take in and out.  It of course has a head full of hair as well.  They really are adorable.  See... Essentially you can change up the hairstyles by adding the clip in pieces.  I am a big fan of Read More »»

Wordless Wednesday: 80’s Hair Band Hair

It' the 80's band hair reincarnated on my daughter. Okay so we were playing airplane, but the hair cracks me up, it makes me think of the 80's hair band era. Read More »»

Sing With Me Saturday

Because I loved some s big hair bands today we are going to sing along with some hotties from the big hair band era:Loved me some Skid Row, in fact I will still listen to them while working out they are the ultimate work out music:This song by Skid Row I remember going to the skating rink and when they would make all the people clear the floor except those of us who were uber cool that could fast Read More »»