Day 30: Future Dreams, Think Big AKA Life List

Can you believe we made it! Today is the last day in the 30 Days About Me Series. We have lost some participants along the way and gained some new ones but it's been so much fun reading about each and everyone of you (even when I don't comment). I have loved getting to know you all better. Maybe this should become an annual thing each August! With different questions of course. So today is Day 30, Read More »»

Day 29: Your Support System

It's day 29 of the "30 Days About Me" series. Today we want to know who gets you through the most, who is your support system? This one is pretty easy for me. Read More »»

Day 28: What’s In Your Bag?

It's Day 28 of the "30 Days About Me" fun we are having. Today is very simple, What's In Your Bag? For us ladies it can be your purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack,etc. For the men share what's in your computer bag, backpack or if you carry a purse that's cool too :) Read More »»

Day 27: My Worst Habit…What Are Yours?

Well today is easy for me. It's day 27 in the "30 days about me" series and today we are talking about our worst habit. The first thing that came to mind when I saw today's prompt I knew without a doubt had to be my worst habit. My worst habit to me is thinking the worst. When it comes to health issues I always think the absolute worst with the symptoms I see. My husband makes fun of me for this. Read More »»

Day 26: Favorite Clothing Store.

Hello, Hello!!! I can't believe we are almost done with the 30 days about me. On that note, it's day 26 and one of my favorite things, we are talking shopping. Today we want to know what your favorite clothing store is. In true Toni fashion, and because I love to shop, there will be more than one. Beall's. Dillards.  Three words...MISS ME JEANS! Kohl's Old Navy (for the kids) JCPenny Read More »»

Day 25: A Picture (or tell us about) of Your Best Friends

Those you see there are my best friends. I have had best friends in the past who I would have thought would be there as a best friend forever but unfortunately they weren't or aren't. I have several very close friends who I could turn to in a moments notice and who are there for me but my best friends are there on an even deeper level that's almost hard to explain. Read More »»