Monsters University New Poster!

Check out the new poster for the upcoming film "Monsters University" Those mosters we grew to know and love from Monsters, Inc. are coming back in a whole new way this year with Monsters University. Learn who they were before the scaring (and laughing of course) started. Mike and Sulley weren't always the best of friends we know them to be in Mosters, Inc. Find out the story that brought them Read More »»

Happy New Year!!! Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!

Happy New Year from A Daily Dose of Toni! 2012 was a year of ups and downs but it was a year that I grew.   Here are a few things that stood out, for me, in  2012: I learned what Pinterest Is Really Good For! I made it through life's storms. My daughter tried to talk me into doing her homework. I chaperoned a middle school dance and was never going to be the same again...OH MY Read More »»