Summer is not Summer without Strawberries

I can not begin to even express how much I LOVE strawberries! I mean just look at them they are a work of art

What better snack than strawberries dipped in whipped cream right, it’s sweet and low in calories (well if you eat it in moderation which I do not). One of my favorite things to do with strawberries is dip them in chocolate, well actually aside from the whipped cream it’s the only thing I know how to do with strawberries.

Once again MomCentral has come to my rescue with a strawberry blog tour. This particular tour took me to the California Strawberry Commission website and on this awesome site you can learn all the health benefits of strawberries, I must take a moment to thank God for making something healthy that actually tastes good because my kids actually eat this! The thing that most sparked my interest was the recipe section(yes I thought the health area was great but bring on the food and you have my full attention). I would never have thought to make strawberry, shrimp chevice or Strawberry Sorbet Soup with pound cake croutons! Amazing!

Also for the kids they have Strawberryville a cool little site to teach kids strawberry facts, yummy kid friendly recipes and even has some little strawberry screen savers. They have 3 different sections that are geared toward age group so your 13 year old is not having to look at the simplicity made for a 5 year old.

I hope your summer is filled with strawberries, I know mine will and 90% of the time they will still be covered in chocolate or whipped cream. What can I say old habits die hard.

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    Karyn with a Y

    I love to slice ‘um, put them in a blow then sprinkle them with sugar. I put them in the refridgerator and chill them. All the sugar and juice makes them SO sweet and yummy. I eat them right out of the bowl. Ok- gotta go find some now! lol thanks