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As a mom of three busy kids and working from my home, I don’t really get the option to call in.  Which means when I am sick, I have to do what I can to treat my symptoms and get on the road to wellness.  I do take time to rest and recuperate but sometimes that is not an option and I definitely don’t want to be down for the count if I have somewhere I need to be, or a deadline to meet.

I want to be able to treat my symptoms during the day so I can stay alert and hopefully feel better, which is why I turn to Vicks DayQuil. It treats the symptoms such as aches, fever, sore throat, nasal congestion and cough.  Perfect for this busy work at home mom when time doesn’t stop and the symptoms are dragging me down.  I can get done what I need to get done and push through, without having to worry about drowsiness as a side affect.  There is nothing worse than being sick, treating your symptoms during the day with something that makes you drowsy and feeling lik you are in a fog.  I have made the mistake of taking medicine in the past that treated symptoms but made me so tired….that did not work so well and I ended up bumbling through an important call.  That is when I learned just how much I prefer DayQuil for daytime.

However, a sick mom needs rest too, and good rest at that.  So, at night I definitely prefer to treat my symptoms with something that will help me sleep a little better.  That is precisely what NyQuil does.  To be honest, it completely knocks me out.   Once it kicks in I sleep like a little baby and I am not kept up all night by my own coughing or other symptoms.  NyQuil treats aches, fever, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, and cough.  I’d say it has the common cold symptoms covered.  I can wake up feeling refreshed (well as refreshed as one can be when sick) and getting much needed rest is something that will help me get over my colds quicker.

Vicks DayQuil & NyQuil are the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for adult cough/cold/flu relief.  Vicks DayQuil is there to help you power through the day, and Vicks NyQuil is there to ensure you sleep through the night.  Be sure to remember that neither are recommended for children younger than 12.  Consult with your physician before giving either to children.  Follow the usage guidelines for warnings and dosage directions found on the package or visit for more information.  Please note, while these products work for me I can’t guarantee you will have the same results.

How do you treat your cold/flu symptoms?

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Vicks DayQuil & NyQuil. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. **

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    I love every single Vicks Product! lol. NyQuil and I are good friends when I am sick