Spam Makes Me Giggle.

All I can say is thank goodness for Akismet.  That plugin does an amazing job with spam comments and I love that I can go in and with one click delete the hundreds of spam awaiting me each morning.  Though I do usually scroll through because for some reason every now and then a legit comment is in the spam bucket.  Today though we are gonna give spam some attention.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spam comments.

~ “Short, sweet, to the point, FREE exactly as it should be”  This was left on one of my Wordless Wednesday posts.  I kinda think the title says it all, so yes it should be short sweet and to the point.  As for free, I guess that’s putting a new spin on things.  Charging for reading articles on my blog…that seems like a great way to make money or lose readers, I wonder which is more likely??

~On one of my Thursday Giveaway Link Up posts there was this comment “Back in scohol, I’m diong so much lerainng“.  Well that’s just great for you, but please inform me of which school this is so I make sure not to send my children there.  Spelling is obviously optional.

~”A bit surprised.  It seems simple & yet useful“.  This was on a thursday giveaway post as well and hot dang if they aren’t right on.  They totally got the point.  Those posts are supposed to be just that.

~ And this one well it stroked my ego a bit, even if it was spam…let’s pretend it’s not “Beutifully written, top quality posts here, I see why you are so recomended“.  Well aside from the spelling it was nice right…though I don’t think spam counts when you are tallying up confidence boosters.

I of course get a lot of the x rated naughtiness in my spam filter but that will most certainly not be making an appearance on  post. I know I am not the only one who deals with spam, so go ahead and share, what are some of the favorites you have gotten?


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