Sing With Me Saturday

Since on the weekends I am a lazy poster because I think my brain goes into weekend mode LOL I thought I would start “Sing With Me Saturday”. If any of you would like to do this too, I can do a mister linky but if there is not enough demand then you all can just post and comment here what song you posted 🙂 So I am going with some Heart today:

What About Love


I freaking love this band! They seriously rock. And let me just add, I can kick some serious butt on Guitar hero with Barracuda what I won’t mention is that it’s on the easy level Now to throw a little modern version of Barracuda in with it, here is Fergie W/ Heart for the American Idol Gives Back episode…


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  1. 1

    I still play on easy, too! LOL!

  2. 2

    hello from BSU, You are at the tippy top of the bloglist so I thought I would say HI

  3. 3

    I play on easy, but I’m bad…you, me and Jenni could start a band and…wait,that was middle school…

  4. 4

    Guitar Hero Rox! Here’s another mum of two girls who bought it for them and landed up playing more than they do. I’m on Medium already and LOVE baracuda