7 Shows on Netflix To Binge Watch in January

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We LOVE Netflix. It’s, frankly put, a staple in our house. Whether we are watching classic childhood favorites like Jem and the Holograms (please Netflix, bring it back) or Netflix Original Series like “The Ranch”, there are plenty of shows you can binge on when you turn on Netflix. Our family has weighed in and here are our seven shows to binge watch on Netflix in January

7 Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch in January on Netflix


1) Stranger Things (TV-14)

If you are like me, you might scoff at the thought of getting hooked on a Sci-Fi show. In fact, when my husband was watching Season 1 and tried to get me to watch it with him I internally rolled my eyes and went on my merry way. Fast forward to season 2, my daughter decides to watch the show and begs me to just watch one episode with her and if I didn’t like it, she wouldn’t ask again. So I sat and watched Season 1, episode 1…2…and 3 in one day. The next day, we finished season one and two days later we were done with Season 2. To be honest, I am slightly pissed at myself for going binging this show because now I have to wait until 2018 to see the next season. Stranger Things is definitely our first pick for a binge-worthy Netflix show, which happens to be a Netflix original.

2) Fuller House (TV-Y7)

Another Netflix original, Fuller House, now in its third season is a must watch. We get to follow along as DJ Tanner, widow and mother of 3, deals with life, love and all the hilariousness that comes along with it while spending time with sister Stefanie, bestie Kimmy and all the rest of her family and friends along the way. With appearances (both guest and regular) by some of our favorites from Full House, this is one series the whole family can enjoy together.

3) Riverdale (TV-14)

Growing up I loved the Archie comics, Riverdale takes you back into the world of Archie, but it’s a bit (or a lot) darker than the comic that used to be in the Sunday paper. We see Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica and many more characters in this series. It centers around one of Archie’s classmates being murdered and viewers see that kids and adults, alike, have something to hide. Season one is currently on Netflix (and current seasons can be seen on CW).

4) Grace and Frankie (TV-MA)

Seasons 1-3 of Grace and Frankie are currently on Netflix, with season 4 coming soon. Grace and Frankie is probably one of the funniest series I’ve watched. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, whose husbands left them to be with each other, will have you laughing through every single episode. Grace and Frankie form an unlikely friendship and move in with one another to try to move on from their husbands’ betrayal while hitting some hilarious bumps in the road along the way.

5) The Ranch (TV-MA)

Same Elliott, enough said. Okay, Okay, if you need more of a reason to watch The Ranch, which currently has 4 parts (that’s seasons to us non-ranch folk) here is what you need to know: Colt didn’t get to follow his dream of being a pro athlete, so now he’s helping his dad and brother with the family ranch. While helping to keep “The Ranch” afloat, Colt has to try to figure out how he fits into the family and figure out who he his with his sports days behind him. Full of comedic moments this is a great one for adults who need to add something to their “to watch” list.

6) 13 Reasons Why (TV-MA)

13 Reasons Why is all about Hannah Baker and why she felt the need to commit suicide. This show is very eye-opening for parents as to things that happen with teens today. So many times bullying is swept under the rug and we don’t find out what happened until it’s too late. This is exactly the case with Hannah, as she left behind 13 tapes telling reasons why she decided to end her life and the part her peers played in it. This series is not for the faint of heart as it has some very trigger-filled moments. It’s not for young children or even middle school children. This is one series that adults, who do not suffer from suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety should consider watching. But be warned if you suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/tendencies, have been sexually assaulted or bullied to the point of feeling any of the previously mentioned mental illnesses, then this may be one you want to skip. However, if you want to get a look inside what it’s like to be bullied and are worried you are missing signs of something like this happening to your child it’s a series that will hit you to the core.

7) Friends (TV-14)

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are sure to make you laugh until your stomach hurt. This is one of my favorite series of all time. I love watching the six friend as they take on life, love, parenthood and more in the classic sitcom. I remember being so sad when this went off the air, so when it hit Netflix I was ecstatic. Every episode will have you laughing and it’s one we can enjoy with our teens.

There you have it! Seven shows to binge watch in January on Netflix. Some are for the whole family, some are okay for teens and some are just for the adults. No matter what, there is something for everyone. Of course, these are just seven of the hundreds of shows we will be watching (or in our case re-watching) in the coming months. What shows will you be watching on Netflix?

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