Seint Makeup Gift Ideas With No Color Match Required


Christmas is just around the corner! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about the holiday season (first being the reason we celebrate it) is being able to give to family and friends. This year, one thing you can put under the tree or in their stocking, is Seint!  I have made a few different lists, by price, of items that don’t require a color match so that finding gifts will be a little easier.  That being said, if you want to make the switch (or if someone you are shopping for want to make the switch) you can fill out my color match request form!

I have the gift idea lists broken down into gifts under $25, under $50, gifts under $100 & $100 and up. Anything listed on the under $25 won’t be listed on the under $50 and so on. But you can easily refer to each list if you want something from one of the lower price lists. Feel free to save them, to refer back to!

IMPORTANT!!! In order to receive your item(s) in time for Christmas (pending no issues with your deliverer) you need to order by December 12!

Let’s get started! First up, we have all the gifts that are $25 and under!

Our lip and cheeks colors are so fun, they would be awesome under the tree. Grab a palette to keep them in and you’ve created an on-the-go lip palette for the person you are shopping for. You will want to keep our powder and creams on different levels of the palette, so if getting eyeshadows, powder illuminators, or setting powder grab the  iiiD 8-count palette or higher. I don’t have our shine paper case or our terry cloth bag, but everything else I have and you really can’t go wrong with any of  the items on the gifts for under $25 list.

On our $50 and under list, you can grab a few collections **I listed illuminator collection twice, the first one is correct..the second one should say Bronzer Collection – $45…so please note that mistake on the list** This list is very palette heavy, as the majority of our palettes fall into this price category. I always say, get a bigger palette than you think you need, so you have room to add! I love our bronzer collection! The bronzer collection comes with the bronzer of your choice AND  our blush and bronzer brush (that is $40 alone). So, if you want to give them (or yourself) a little bit of summer glow through these cold months the bronzer collection would be perfect!

Next us is gifts under $100. I will scream from the rooftops that if you are going to buy off this list GET OUR CREME!! Our milk cream is AMAZING. It hydrates your skin so wonderfully, I think everyone should be using it at night! Another good one would be the lip and cheek collection…this gives you eight shades of our lip and cheek colors. You could give them all to one person or give individual ones to several people!

The final list is for gifts over $100, if you are looking to splurge on yourself or the person you are shopping for this is the list to pick from. As mentioned above, I love our creme but I adore our whole skincare line…so if you can, grab it up and you can thank me later…it’s truly the best skincare line I’ve used! Also, not listed on this list but fit in this category are our pre-built collections. I will actually have a post coming on those tomorrow because they deserve their own feature 🙂

Please remember, these lists don’t include things like our highlights and contours because those are items you will need to be color matched for, so I can get you the shades that are perfect for you! I hope this list of gift ideas gives you a little inspiration for someone who may be a little bit hard to shop for!

If you’ve never tried Seint makeup, it is a 5-minute, cream-based makeup that is AMAZING. Check me out on my instagram and tik tok, to see just how easy it is! If you would like to be color matched to your perfect shades and try Seint makeup then be sure to fill out my color match form!  Also, pop on and join my VIP Beauty group so you can stay all in the know. I post lots of tutorials, giveaways, and just have a place to inspire, encourage and connect with other women! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, because we always have lots of fun happening there too!

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**NOTE TO REMEMBER: The number next to the palette is the number of tins it holds BUT the demi holds that many size demi or eyeshadow tins which are half the size of our regular tins…so make sure to remember that. While our iiiD and Pro-Artist palettes will hold that many full size tins or double that of demi or eyeshadows.  So, a iiiD 18 palette will hold 18 regular tins or 36 eyeshadow or demi tins while the demi 6 would hold six of the demi or eyeshadow tins but only 2-3 of our regular size tins!

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