The ONE Thing You Never Want To Run Out Of!

Scott Tissue

There are a few things we would love to have extra of, but there is one thing you want to have extra of because running out would be a terrible thing! That one thing is bathroom tissue; there could be some very messy (and gross) situations if you run out of the much-needed bathroom tissue.

With a family of five, we go through our fair share, so if there is any way for me to get a little bit extra I am all about that. Thanks to Scott Tissue I can get 100 extra sheets PER ROLL. Because our family has this thing where they use a gazillion sheets at a time (okay maybe not quite that many) we need more when we can get it!

Sam's Club

So, to get the more we order from our local Sam’s Club! We love having a membership there because it helps us stock up on things we use a lot of, one of those being Scott Tissue. I can get Scott Tissue in bulk PLUS get the bonus pack that includes 100 bonus sheets per roll! You really can’t be that!

Unfortunately, our local stores (and some not so local) don’t carry the Scott Tissue in the store. In fact, according to the customer service, they haven’t in some time, they were so helpful when trying to find it for me. One of my favorite parts about actually going into my local store is how helpful and friendly they are! Even though they didn’t have the Scott Tissue in stock, they have plenty of other must needed items for us. And even better, is I can still get the Scott Tissue ordering it from Sam’s Club website. That’s a win/win!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.54.25 AM

So, I ordered mine and am waiting for it to arrive. I love using Scott Tissue, not just for the extra in the pack, but because it’s safe for septic tanks! Having a septic system can sometimes mean messy issues, but septic safe paper means it disintegrates they way we need it to, to keep us clog free! If you get the Scott’s Tissue 1000 bonus pack, you are getting 36 rolls in the pack, plenty of tissue for our family of five!

If you aren’t a Sam’s Club member, what’s stopping you? Click here to get your membership started. Also, make sure to download the Free Ibotta App and save $5 off the Scott’s 1000 Bonus Pack at your local Sam’s Club.

When was the last time you needed a little extra?

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