Santa is silly sometimes and some ramblings

All was well for Christmas with our family. We have TONS of stuff that we have no room for, but isn’t that what usually happens at Christmas. We did have one little teensy problem though. We have 2 wooden toaster sets. Silly Santa when we put in the order for a wooden blender somehow thought blender meant extra toaster set. Oh well a little girl can never have enough toast I guess right.

All in all our Christmas was great, lots of toys, lots of clothes, more toys, a wii, a few more toys. However there are 2 toys that I have already wanted to chuck out the door and we aren’t even home with them yet. I suppose that’s what family does though buy the kids cool toys that drive parents insane. Well I will be returning that favor when I am a grandma (which better not be until I am well past 50).

I have been frantically trying to snap pictures so hubby’s new digital frame can be loaded up come Monday. It will look so pretty on his desk. I tried to take some of him but he doesn’t want pictures of just himself on the frame, I have no idea why. Then again I have no problem with pictures of me alone so I think he just doesn’t want anyone to think he is all about himself.

Have I mentioned I think my husband enjoyed the torture he put me through over the weekend. All I wanted was a little Christmas lovin’ but have I gotten any… nope…I think he wants to reverse the roles and give me a taste of my own medicine. Well I don’t like it, thank you very much, guess we are going to have a lot more lovin’ in our future. I think that was his plan all along.

I tried to go blog hopping and wish everyone a Merry or late Merry christmas and whew I got tired out.

I did get me some clothes for Christmas which I had to exchange yesterday. Yep I am a Black Friday and Day after Christmas girl, the crowds make my adrenaline soar! I got some money too….woo hoo. Our Christmas was filled with many wonderful memories and I hope yours was too. What are some of the goodies you got this year?


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    Hope ya got some black friday deals!! I am the opposite! I hate crowds!

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    Lilith Silvermane

    My goodies?

    *Seeing my kids face when they opened the XBox 360, my 13 year old son ran around the house hugging it. He also looked at me around 8pm that night and said…, “Mom… thank you so much, I am so happy”. When I asked him what made him thank me, he said, “Because I just blinked, and it hurt. That tells me I have been playing for so long my eyes dried out.”

    Yep… that’s me.. contributing to my son’s eyes drying out!!

    *I got my first full set of jewelry. Lava pearls earring and necklace set… so pretty!

    *I got to give an entire outfit to my boyfriend. Eddie Bauer has this thing called “Shop per outfit” when you go to their online site, so I went there, found a guy wearing the outfit that fits his personality and bought the whole thing, jacket, shirt, jeans, shoes. I got it on Free Shipping Thursday so it was free to ship, guaranteed before Christmas and I LOVED seeing him in it the day after!! Oh yea… it was a nice gift!

    So.. yea.. that was my holiday. Glad your’s went well.. OH.. and tell the man to give it up!!

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    My family was together. That was the best gift of all. But I did get a new diamond ring too!

  4. 4

    Hey girl! Sounds like you all had a fabulous Christmas!!

    Sorry about your “friend” issue. I had the same thing happen to me too. Not fun.

    Ready for a brand new year??

  5. 5

    I hope you survived shopping on Friday! I myself stayed home where it’s safe.. in my jammies (shopping online!).. LOL!

    Sounds like it was a very Merry Christmas!!

  6. 6

    my husband got me a wii for christmas which i may or may not share with the kids lol girls got guitar hero world tour band kit for their ps2 and digital cameras along w some clothes and scarves. they asked for scarves! lol gave my hubs a new digital camera. we all got other little items as well. stepson got mostly clothes for his 8th grade washington d.c. trip and some basketball shoes & other sports stuff. his mom's family gave him rock band 2 and guitar hero aerosmith so we didn't have to buy that lol

    glad to hear that you all had a good christmas. i wanted christmas lovin' from my hubby, too, but didn't get any before i left for vegas and none since i got home yesterday. too tired! lol and now he's sick. :-/ figures, eh? lolol

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    I am staying faaaaaar way from the malls for a few more days. I am not brave enough to deal with the crowds!

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    Stacy's Random Thoughts

    I’m with Jenni Jiggety – I’m staying faaaaar away from the malls for a few days…I’m sure that if there’s a deal I have to have, it’ll still be there then…minus the crowds! LOL!!

    Since my birthday is so close to Christmas and my hubby went overboard on the birthday gifts (including diamond earrings, bless his heart) we decided not to exchange gifts with each other and focus on our Little Princess. So she made out like a bandit and chalks it up to being really good this year! LOL!

    We did surprise each other and got ‘practical’ gifts for each other because it just felt ‘wrong’ not to buy each other something…one of the things was cordless screw drivers – it was hilarious we got each other almost the exact same thing. My hubby also got me a Zen MP3 player which I needed because my old Sansa one died a few months ago and I’m not an iPod lover… 🙂

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    The Mind of a Mom

    I just found your blog and have to tell you it cracked me up! thank you. I have so been there with the toys and let me tell you what goes around comes around. My dear sister thought 500 Leggo was a great gift for my son until her son received 1001 from me. :o)

    btw ~ my name is also Toni
    please sign me ~ The Mind of a Mom aka SoccerMom
    please stop by my blog if you get a chance.