Sam Riley Talks Working With Angelina Jolie, on Disney’s Maleficent #MaleficentEvent

Sam Riley Interview

It’s always such a fun time to sit down and chat with the stars of a really amazing movie and sitting down with the cast of Maleficent was no different. So far I’ve shared my Angelina, Sharlto, Elle, and Robert interviews. Today, I am sharing with you, the final interview from the #MaleficentEvent press junket. Sam Riley, plays Maleficent’s right hand man…or raven rather in the movie.

Sam Riley In Maleficent

Of course we wanted to know all about his audition and how he found out he got the part of Diaval, Angelina’s sidekick, in the movie!

It was pretty classic. They email you the scenes and you learn them at home….if you’re a good boy. I flew to London and met Rob and the casting director. Then you do the scene and someone reads Angelina’s role. Sometimes you think you’ve done it well and it’s a we’ll call you type of thing.

I didn’t hear anything for quite a long time and about three weeks later my American agent rang, which is always at night in Europe, and he said, “What are you doing?”. I said, “Oh, I’m in a pub.” And he said, “Well, buy yourself another drink because, Angelina saw the tape and you’re Birdman.” So exciting.

I imagine hearing you are going to get to be in a Disney movie AND alongside Angelina Jolie would be exciting. Once he found out he got the role, how did he feel about working on such a classic??

It was really exciting. Most of my films are sort of independent-type cinema, that not many people go and watch usually. They’re all great, obviously. This script was really great. I loved it and the lady who wrote it had written the Lion King as well and lots of other big Disney movies.

I thought the way they did this was really interesting. I mean, what would make a woman or a sorceress curse a little baby? It’s like one of the worst things you could possibly do. The fact that Angelina, obviously, was gonna play Maleficent was very exciting.

Sam 3

I loved watching him sort of become Maleficent’s conscience in the movie. He started off serving her, because he owed her for saving his life, but the role he played in Maleficent’s life is what keeps her sane and grounded. As Diaval, there are times when he is changing from human to animal, which must have meant quite some time in the makeup chair. Exactly how long did it take Sam to become Diaval?

It’s about four hours? Though, I couldn’t really complain because there were other people that had been in there since three o’clock in the morning. So, the ladies and guys that were putting all this stuff on, they have to be there at that time and then the whole day they have to make sure things aren’t falling off. So they have it really tough.

That’s a really long time to sit there and have makeup put on, how in the world did he get through it???

I’m a really good sleeper. I used to be anyway. I’ve just had a baby. Anyway, after a couple of weeks I managed to be able to lie down in the chair and while people were gluing things to my face. I could actually sleep through it, which is pretty impressive. Until one morning they turned the seat back up and realized they stuck my nose on the wrong way, it was sticking up. So they wouldn’t let me sleep anymore after that.


Every actor tends to have a scene they remember more than, so when asked what his most memorable scene was this is what Sam had to say.

The first one really, because I was really nervous. I’d met Angelina before, obviously, we rehearsed and things like that, but I’d never seen her in the full costume. So, they drive you from your little trailer, on a golf buggy. Then they had this amazing set there and she was already stood there, so I was worried that I’d been keeping her waiting or something.

She had her back to me and the way it was all lit, so amazing. Then, when she turned around it was weird because you know it’s not real, the cheekbones and everything and the contact lenses. But when you look at her in all that stuff it kind of natural….maybe that’s not the right word but it fits, you know. You don’t think it looks fake or something. In fact I only really saw her in costume for like the first four weeks of the shooting. You got so used to seeing Maleficent every morning, so it was strange to see her in her normal clothes afterwards.

Please note, this final answer to a question about the movie does have a spoiler, so you if you haven’t seen the movie yet scroll really fast to the bottom for links!

Sam Riley With Mommy Bloggers

In the movie, we find out that it’s not a prince, who delivers true loves kiss, but rather the love of a “mother”, so to speak. We wanted to know what Sam thought about that twist in the story!

I loved that. I thought that was really beautiful. I mean, I’m sure she’s gonna be happy with Prince Charming as well, but I thought that was a beautiful thing. The fact that love is, true love, can be between any type of human being. I thought that was the really charming thing about it.

I could not agree more with Sam on that point. Maleficent takes a classic and sheds a new light on what the untold story was, from Sleeping Beauty’s point of view. A princess did not need a prince to find true love, because really, what truer love is there than that of someone who chooses to be a mother/protector. Watching Sam take on Diaval, and lead Maleficent down a path, she might not otherwise have taken, was such a touching part of this movie!

If you haven’t been to see Maleficent, please take time to go see it. It’s so worth seeing it in theaters, it’s one I am 99.9999% sure you won’t be disappointed in. My family loved it and I am sure yours will too!

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