My Addiction! 8 Hours At a Movie Theater TONIGHT!

I can hardly stand it.  I am counting down until 5:30 when I head out to make a pit stop to pick up some not over priced candy and then off to the theater for 8 (give or take a few) hours tonight.  8 hours you say puzzled.  Yes I will be at the theater for quite some time.  In face I am thinking it will be a bit more than 8 hours but I don’t care you see.  Why you ask?  Because at 12:13 a.m. tonight (or tomorrow morning if you want to be technical about it) I am headed to see the newest in the Twilight saga….ECLIPSE!  CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Now if you are wondering what the heck I will be doing there 6 hours and 13 minutes before the movie starts it’s because I must get a seat so I will do what it takes.  Okay not really.  Rather I am going to pull the hardcore of all hardcore fan doing and go to the double feature of Twilight and New Moon (the first two movies for those who aren’t Twi-Junkies like myself).  After the double feature I get to stay in the theater to watch the new installment, Eclipse.  Take that sucka’s who are going to be waiting in line for 3 hours to try to get a good seat.

6/7 glorious hours of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (who I can look at now without feeling creepy since he is 18) and endless refills of popcorn and coca-cola classic.  This is the one time I will definitely get my money’s worth on the popcorn huh.  It’s a night of heaven for me I tell you.  Am I a little obsessed?  Well maybe just a teensy bit.

Now I know I can not be the only one going tonight?  Maybe the only one going to see all 3, but surely there are others out there doing the midnight showings.  So how many showings is your theater having at midnightish, 4 at mine.  And are you going to be one of the crazies err hardcore fans out there like moi?

Pardon me tomorrow as I recover from my EdwardJacobitis it’s a hard job to do but someone must go sit through all 3 of these movies and have a little drool to wipe off their mouth.  I guess it can be me, I will do it for the sake of all of you.  Those who can’t make it or won’t go for some strange reason.  I will sacrifice this one time for you all.  See you tomorrow if i am out of my Twilight Saga Coma.

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  1. 1

    you are obsessed girlfriend…lol

  2. 3

    Good Luck!
    I want to see that movie, but surely not tonight!
    Please let us know how it was.. 😉

  3. 4

    I’m heading there today at 11am!!!


  4. 6

    Oooh!! I went too.. and it was great!! My night off.. and I spent it at the movie theater. Pardon me, but I am soooooo stealing your movie collage photo!

  5. 7
    Lauralee Hensley

    You’re right, you are. I totally could not do what you’re doing.