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**This is a partnered post. I was provided a gift card to purchase product featured and as a thank you for my time. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience with featured product**

I have recently decided it was time to focus on getting a little healthier. As I age my body wants not to play so nice with me, so I have to work a little harder to stay fit. I am not one who intends to follow some strict diet plan, so I am adding walking and running into my daily life and making a few other small changes. One of which is cutting soda completely out and even cutting back on my sweet tea (okay fellow southerners, that’s gonna be the tough one).

So, that means I’ll be upping my water intake, but I know myself, and yours truly here will want a sweet drink a day. I was thrilled when I found out one of my favorite brands Premier Protein was coming out with a drink, that I can pick up at my local Sam’s Club, and it will curb my sweet craving without being unhealthy. How’s that for a win!

I headed to my Sam’s Club to pick up the new Premier Protein Clear drink. I will admit, even though I love their chocolate flavor, I was a bit hesitant to try the Clear. Only because I have had those type of drinks in the past and not been impressed. After gathering up the other items for meals and snacks, I headed home. But not before I popped one of the Premier Protein Clear drinks open to try (it was a hot day, and I was parched).

I checked out the nutrition label and was pleasantly surprised. Only 90 calories per bottle, 0 grams of Fat, 0 grams of Cholesterol, only 1 gram of carbs…what surely a sugary drink has to have more right? Nope because there are 0 grams of sugar in this drink but the kicker is there are 20 grams of protein! Just one of these Premier Protein Clear drinks gives you 40% of your daily protein.

Now, as I said I am not one who likes the healthy any drink, they all usually taste off to me. But the Premier Protein Clear tasted delish (even better after it’s been refrigerated). It’s got that tropical punch flavor; I will warn you it is a bit tart, but I like tart, so it worked for me.

I am super excited about the new drink and plan to keep it in stock because they are perfect for me to drink after my workout each day. They give me that little boost of energy I need any time of the day! So, if you are looking to have a little bit of a healthier lifestyle, try Premier Protein Clear in Tropical Punch.  It’s going to be a staple in my fitness journey!

Oh, I bet this would make great popsicles during the summer!!!!!

Head to your local Sam’s Club and pick up a pack of Premier Protein Clear and let me know your thoughts on how it tastes!

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