My Clothes Hit a Whole New Level of Smell Good With Purex Crystals

Purex Crystals I am not a huge laundry fan, though I venture to say if I had the ultra cool Whirlpool Duet I may just live in my laundry room. However, today is not about the machines but rather what’s going on inside the machines and what happens after the clothes come out. The Smell Good factor!

As we all know there are many different levels of clean. Clean to the eye with hidden stains (you remember those commercials right), stains so bad you are sure there is not a need to even try to get them out, let’s don’t even talk about white clothes (it’s a lost battle for us), and last outright STANKY like gag if you sniff it (stains or no stains)!

Stains I can deal with, whites I can deal with in a “I don’t want to but I have to” sort of way, but the clothes that smell so bad you feel the need to use tongs to put them in the wash, I am not a fan of. That’s what we are talking about today, stains be gone it’s all about the sniff test….after the dryer.

Having two boys, a husband, a little girl who is as (or more) active than my boys, dogs who have taken to peeing on any clothing left on the floor I have my battle in the laundry room of getting the smell out. Dog pee has got to be one of the grossest things to smell and before you suggest bleach I am not a bleach person. I have had too many mishaps (a whole other blog post). Fabric softener I have never used because well I don’t have one of those cool washers that dispense it for you, I have to remember to come pour it in…too much. Though I have heard great things about how yummy it makes your clothes smell. Which brings me to my new favorite product as you read through a day in my life.

I was walking down the aisle at Walmart to get some Purex detergent and dryer sheets when something new caught my eye. On the shelf in the midst of all the fabric softeners (that make your clothes smell downright delish but I’m too lazy/forgetful to use) was a bottle of something that looked like bath salts. Purex Crystals. I picked it up to inspect it further and saw 7 words that perked my laundry spirits right up:

Add at the beginning of the wash” *cue hallelujah chorus

Wait what…something to make my clothes smell fresher that I don’t have to add mid cycle? Now let me say, there may have been something out like that already but I never took the time to see because all the packaging of the smell good stuff still looked the same. Anyhoo, I picked up a container of the Purex Crystals and did the smell test in store. My nose was loving Fresh Spring Waters so into the cart it went.

I came home grabbed the dog pee infused towels (let’s hope that never becomes a fragrance) and poured my detergent and cute little Purex Crystals in. Every time I open that container I get a whiff of awesomeness.  So I waited for the wash cycle to be done and transferred them to the dryer, smelling the fresh spring water smell the whole time.  Could it hold through the dry cycle?  Would one be so lucky?  BZZZZZZZZZ (that’s my imitation of the dryer end cycle sound)….

Taking out a towel I bring it up to my nose for the smell test.  Wait, wait before I go on, I mentioned dog pee smell is hard to get out smell tests before this have failed so I was not looking forward to this.  Dog pee and I have not a good relationship, I gag they win! What’s this!  This time though, it smelled so fresh, so clean no hint of doggie liquid left.  Now I can’t compare this to the old school fabric softener, AKA smell good stuff, but on facebook, Trisha did have this to say, “If you havent tried that Purex Crystals (softner), try it! I bought some and ill never go back to liquid softner. Its fantastic”  as well as ravings by several others I have seen here and there.

My advice to you, try some Purex Crystals today, I just went back and sniffed my towels that have been washed and folded for a week now and they still smell yummy!  I hope you have the same luck with them as I have, they will definitely be a staple in my laundry regimen from this moment on!

*I was not asked to write this.  I was not compensated.  I was not sent the product to review, I bought it with my own money.  I loved it so I am sharing it that’s all.  Though if Purex would like to send me a lifetime supply upon seeing this post who am I to turn it down!  And should Whirlpool feel the need to send me a new Washer and Dryer to see if it works in there as well I will oblige out of kindness.   I can’t guarantee you will have the same experience as me but for your sense of smell to get a treat I hope you do!

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    I’m in LOVE with the Purex Crystals. Did you see my latest post about what kind of detergent to use in HE washers? My video mentions the crystals. *love*

    • 2

      I saw that in your video friend! I am in love with this too. I will always always have this on hand for sure.

  2. 3

    My dogs are guilty too! It drives me nuts! And when we get back from our sports (or if we leave the bags in the car) and forget to empty our uniforms, etc. RIGHT AWAY – those are clothes that you gag when you open the bag. Yuck! Those scents sound amazing!