Positively Positive: Kids and Elfing Around

Positively Positive

Welcome back to Positively Positive the end of the week, keep things positive post. I figure we can all think of at least one positive thing to share. Heck you may already have a positive post up and if you want to link to that feel free. I like to vlog so pretty much for every Positively Positive Friday you will get to see lovely moi on video…you know you like it.

Without further ado here is this weeks Positively Positive Vlog:

Now it’s your turn, you can either vlog or write up a post and add it to the linky below if you want (sure I am not the only one with positive things right). Or I have decided if you have a positive post you have written already this week and want to just share it please do so. As long as it’s positive it doesn’t matter if you wrote/vlogged it today or earlier in the week.

And now I leave you to your Friday, remember to be positive!

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  1. 1

    i love your video!
    im to shy to do one!

    [email protected]

  2. 2

    OK…i am just making my way around your blog and noticed this Positive Tuesday post. I watched your video and decided that i surely need some of your energy…either THAT or need to find out what COFFEE you drink!!!

    TOni, your eyes just LIGHT up when you talk about your kids. I have lost a bit of that due to illness and you reminded me how fun parents SHOULD be making our family life by remembering to stay positive and a bit more ANIMATED!! WHen life gives you lemons…ummm, learn how to juggle?!!!
    THANKS for the lesson…one mom to another….

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