Pictures Galore and some stories…

So yesterday Aidan and I were laying in bed listening to some music on my iphone (they just found the newness of the earphones yesterday LOL) and while we were laying there I just looked at Aidan and think about some of the things he is behind in and I just broke out into tears. Well I kept my eyes closed and the tears just fell down my cheek when all of the sudden I felt a little finger wiping the tear away, which of course touched me so much it made a few more tears fall. I just thought that was so sweet of him to wipe away my tear, almost as if he knew what I was thinking about and was telling me everything would be okay. Funny how God even works through our children to let us know to trust Him and it will all be fine. Anyways I just wanted to share that beautiful story while it was still fresh in my mind.

As you can tell there are several pictures here. The first is of Aidan drinking his sweet tea on the couch. The next one is of Bella in her first pair of skinny jeans LOL, yes she is her mothers daughter ( i love skinny jeans). The next 2 are Bella and then Aidan both playing with Bella’s tutu, cracked me up they made me think of little lions. Then we have Bella thinking she can get herself in a backpack. Followed by Aidan and Bella getting ready to go outside and jump on the trampoline. And last is our family ice skating trip LOL, it was the first time for Bella and Aidan, quite the experience.

That being said back to my first story and the point of why I shared it is to let you know to treasure you children and all those touching moments, because at some point they will dwindle and become less frequent.

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